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Toronto is a fast-paced economy that is growing rapidly. The vibrant nightlife and galleries, delicious restaurants, beautiful skyscrapers and great shopping makes for a dynamic city that is full of entertainment. Purchasing a home in Toronto is becoming increasingly expensive. If you are weighed down with debt in Toronto and you can’t seem to pull yourself out, then it’s time you seek bankruptcy services with a Toronto Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

At Harris & Partners Inc., we have over 50 years of experience and offer our Toronto bankruptcy services in many different languages to meet our clients’ needs. We also offer a variety of solutions for those considering bankruptcy within the Greater Toronto Area.

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Client Testimonials

Read what some of our past Toronto area clients had to say about our level of service.

Help When There Was Nowhere Else to Turn

“Quite a few years ago, you helped me. I had fallen ill and was unable to keep working my regular hours. With the debt load I had, I was falling badly behind.

I wanted to update you. I was able to get a low limit, secured credit card to help rebuild my credit. I was also able to buy a car by securing the loan. The car loan was for five years and I was able to pay it off in three. I traded that car in and I actually was able to lease a car! I was approved through Ford. I thought it was a huge thing. The lady at the Ford dealership really believed in me and put in a word for me. It all comes back to you helping me initially. You were so kind to me and helped me understand about managing debt and credit. I just wanted to let you know I still appreciate your kindness. You listened and helped me when I had nowhere else to turn since the banks refused to help me.

I will be forever grateful for what you did.”



An Angel in a Dark Time

“I wished this to be a lot more personal than a mere email but time doesn’t allow much more at this time and I didn’t want any more time to pass without saying how grateful I am for your handling of my affairs.

I can tell you unreservedly that you are one of but a very few angels that I was blessed with in having entered my life this past year when there was nothing but darkness and despair but always hope and faith! Your sensibilities, honest approach and integrity shone through and had a profound influence on me and responsible for much of the good that has come out of such despair.

I will never be able to repay you other than assuring you that you are in my prayers ‎and that I have made myself a promise to forgive all those that transgressed against me while making daily efforts to pay it forward in any way every day with opportunities that present themselves to help others.”



Toronto Office

We know that it can be hard to get your finances back on track. Sometimes filing for bankruptcy in Toronto can be your only option. Our helpful and trustworthy Licensed Insolvency Trustees will help you find the right solution for your financial needs regarding bankruptcy in Toronto. To speak with one of our trustees in Toronto for an initial consultation, call today!



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